The Church of St. James in Ljubljana


The Church of St. James

  • Sunday:
    • 8:00 (accompanied by the church choir and the organ
    • 9:30 (family mass)
    • 17:00
  • week-day: 18:30

Our address:

Župnija sv. Jakoba (Parish of St. James), Gornji trg 18, 1000 Ljubljana (parish priest)

Tel.: 01/2521-727

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Parochial church of St. James

Parochial church of St. James, built in 1615, is one of the most beautiful monuments of mature baroque in Ljubljana. In the church we come across the works of important Venetian and Padovan masters: Francesco Robba, Paolo and Giuseppe Groppellli, Franz Rotman, Angelo Putti and Jacopo Contieri. The church was consecrated to apostle James the Greater (to which our ancestors were making pilgrimage to Santiago di Compostella in Spain). Particularly renowned in this chuch, besides the Robba's high-altar, is the octangular Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, the patron of missions.

Cultural events

The Church of St. Florian is a wonderful, acoustic environment, where it is a joy to listen to music, especially to the chamber baroque music. In the summer evenings the small church therefore often becomes a scene of various concerts which are organized by Festival Ljubljana and Društvo za oživljanje Stare Ljubljane (Association for revival of the Old Town of Ljubljana). The latter are mostly free of charge.

We also organize the concerts of church music in the Church of St. James, mostly in summertime, where foreign performers participate as well.

The Castle Chapel of St. George is included among the tourist attractions. The visit of the Castle Chapel is possible whenever the castle's Outlook Tower is open.

Besides the Church of St. James there are two other church object in our parish: the Church of St. Florian and the Castle Chapel of St. George.

The Church of St. Florian

The Church of St. Florian in Gornji trg square was given the benediction in 1696. In this church there is a famous portrait of Our Lady of Sorrow, where the townspeople were running to at times of natural calamities and other misfortunes.

The Castle Chapel of St. George

The Castle Chapel of St. George is a part of castle buildings and Saint George is the patron of the City of Ljubljana. His dragon is a part of the city symbol. We can admire it in its more modern form at the Dragon Bridge.

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